Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Website of the Week -- TechSoup
TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a clear focus: connecting your nonprofit, charity, or public library with technology products and solutions, plus the learning resources you need to make informed decisions about technology. The free learning resources are available to all users. Once registered and qualified with TechSoup, nonprofits and libraries can access donated and discounted products and services, including high-quality refurbished hardware, and software from partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. Go to:

Publication of the Week --  Seeing Through a Donor's Eyes: How to Make a Persuasive Case for Everything from Your Annual Drive to Your Planned Giving Program to Your Capital Campaign by Tom Ahern
From the publisher: Why should I give you my hard-earned money? Effective fundraisers answer this essential question every time they ask for a gift. What's their secret to success? They have a winning case for support. As Tom Ahern, America's premier fundraising writer, makes clear, a case isn't some fancy argument you only develop for capital campaigns, when you're chasing millions. Successful donor newsletters, websites, annual reports, donor acquisition programs, email, direct mail, advertising, planned giving programs, and, yes, capital campaigns, too all have one thing in common: behind each stands a well-reasoned, emotionally satisfying case for support. Donors are sure to have questions. Your case gives you great answers. Complements Ahern's acclaimed book, How to Write Fundraising Materials that Raise More Money. Tom Ahern is the author of How to Write Fundraising Materials that Raise More Money, Raising More Money with Newsletters than You Ever Thought Possible, and Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications & Stronger Relationships.  

Trend of the Week --  Ways Nonprofits Are Adapting to Economic Conditions
Is survey from the Nonprofit Finance Fund reveals that 2012 was a year in which organizations either made or planned to make significant changes in order to cope with mounting economic stress.

Nonprofits need new funding sources and models.
  • 42% of survey respondents report that they do not have the right mix of financial resources to thrive and be effective in the next 3 years.
  • 1 in 4 nonprofits has 30 days or less cash-on-hand.
  • Over the next twelve months, 39% plan to change the main ways they raise and spend money.
  • 23% will seek funding other than grants or contracts, such as loans or investment
Nonprofits that receive government funding face particular challenges:
  • Only 14% of nonprofits receiving state and local funding are paid for the full cost of services; just 17% of federal fund recipients receive full reimbursement.  Partial reimbursements require additional funding to cover the growing gap as nonprofits serve more people.
  • Government is late to pay: Among those with state or local funding, just over 60% reported overdue government payments; over 50% reported late payments from the federal government.
Under these challenging conditions, many nonprofits are unable to meet growing need in their communities:
  • For the first time in the five years of the survey, more than half (52%) of respondents were unable to meet demand over the last year; 54% say they won’t be able to meet demand this year.
  • This represents a worrying trend; in 2009, 44% of nonprofits said they were unable to meet demand.
  • Jobs (59%) and housing (51%) continue to be top concerns for those in low-income communities.
  • 90% of respondents say financial conditions are as hard or harder than last year for their clients; this is actually a slight improvement from prior years’ outlook
Nonprofits are changing the way they do business to adapt to the new reality. In the past 12 months:
  • 49% have added or expanded programs or services; 17 percent reduced or eliminated programs or services.
  • 39% have collaborated with another organization to improve or increase services.
  • 39% have upgraded technology to improve organizational efficiency.
  • 36% engaged more closely with their board.
For more information, go to:

Resource of the Week –  Glossary of Financial Terms
The Nonprofit Finance Fund has prepared a glossary of financial terms for nonprofit organizations. Go to

Tech Tip of the Week -- Recording a Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010
Did you know you can record a Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010?  Here's how:
  • Open the Slide Show you want to record
  • Click the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon
  • In the Set Up group click the Record Slide Show icon
  • In the Record Slide Show dialog box, select what you want to record
  • Click Start Recording