Sunday, January 12, 2014

Picks of the Week: January 5-11, 2014

Website of the Week -- OMG Center for Collaborative Learning
The mission of the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning is to accelerate and deepen social impact through strategy, evaluation, and capacity-building.  Since its establishment in 1988, OMG has provided innovative, high impact solutions by blending new business and practice insights with the context of on-the-ground realities. Prior to 1988, many OMG staff members were based at the University of Pennsylvania. OMG's predecessor, the Organization and Management Group, was a part of the Fels Center of Government from 1986-88, and before that functioned as a subgroup within the Wharton School's Management and Behavioral Science Center (1980-85). Today OMG's professional staff brings together a diverse variety of backgrounds within an integrated professional practice. Go to:

Publication of the Week --  Donor-Centered Leadership, by Penelope Burk
From the publisher:  In Donor-Centered Leadership Penelope Burk tackles one of our most frustrating and costly problems - the high turnover rate of staff and the financial toll it takes on not-for-profits. In plain language, backed by compelling research with over 6,000 fundraisers, Board members, CEOs, and donors, Penelope reveals how not-for-profits can raise much more money by bringing staff attrition under control. While the book speaks directly to decision-makers, Donor-Centered Leadership is also an essential resource for fundraisers at any level, including Development staff working in or aspiring to management and leadership positions. Penelope puts real numbers to the coming exodus of senior fundraisers on the verge of retirement and offers a win-win solution that capitalizes on young workers' eagerness for more responsibility and earlier promotion. Donor-Centered Leadership exposes mistaken beliefs and out-of-date practices that make it harder for fundraisers to raise money and much easier for them to move on. And it goes further to examine an issue sitting just below the surface - the role that Leadership Volunteers play in fundraising. Penelope presents a riveting case for focusing Board members' attention on the things they do best and which donors say will unleash their philanthropy at a whole new level. Written in a style that is distinctly hers and with her trademark humor, Penelope draws readers through a narrative punctuated by compelling research data and real-life stories towards a conclusion that is nothing short of inspiring. Donor-Centered Leadership is a must-read for everyone in fundraising and in the not-for-profit sector.

Trend of the Week --  NPQ’s 10 Trends and 10 Predictions
The editors of the Nonprofit Quarterly have chosen to spotlight 10 trends for 2013 and make 10 predictions for 2014. For the complete list of trends and predictions including commentary, go to:

Resource of the Week –  8 Random But Useful Social Media Tips for Nonprofits
Here is a resource from Nonprofit Tech for Good: For nonprofit admins who do not have the time to regularly research social media trends, it can be a battle to stay ahead of the learning curve. In addition to the time required to create content for social media and manage social networks, new media managers need at least two hours weekly to research social media trends and best practices. For those nonprofits that allocate staff time, embracing early adoption is key to social media success. That said, here are eight timely and easy tips to help all nonprofits better utilize social media no matter their capacity. Go to:!

Tech Tip of the Week -- Move or Copy Sheets between Workbooks in Excel 2007/2010
  • Open the sheet you want to move or copy
  • Click the Home tab on the Ribbon
  • In the Cells group, click Format
  • Under Organize Sheets, select Move or Copy Sheet
  • Choose where you want the sheet to be copied or moved to
  • Be sure to select the create a copy box if you do not want your sheet moved