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Picks of the Week: November 6 - 12, 2011

Website of the Week -- National Human Services Assembly

The National Human Services Assembly is an association of the nation’s leading national non-profits in the fields of health, human and community development, and human services. Many of the member organizations are national offices of large networks of local health & human service organizations. Others are national research or resource organizations or national programs. The National Assembly is a learning community where leaders with parallel responsibilities at different national nonprofit human service organizations (e.g., CEOs, HR directors) share knowledge and expertise about their work in this sector. The Assembly envisions “a just and caring nation which effectively addresses the development and care of its citizens.” And it envisions itself as a force attempting to make that vision a reality. Goals of the Assembly include:

• Provide collective leadership to shape national human development/health & human service strategies.
• Serve as a catalyst for sharing of resources for the purposes of individual/professional development and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
• Increase awareness of the importance of and trust in the nonprofit health & human service sector.

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Publication of the Week -- Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up by Paul Schmitz

From the publisher: Paul Schmitz, CEO of Public Allies, shares unique experiences and lessons his organization has learned from two decades of identifying and developing thousands of diverse young leaders across the country. With inspiring stories and practical examples, the author shares what it means to lead today. He tells the story about how the Public Allies model emerged (including Michelle Obama's important role) and demonstrates the organization's approach through illustrative stories of its graduates and of his own unusual leadership journey. The author surveys America's democratic and civil rights history, current trends, and leadership theory to demonstrate how collaboration among citizens has always been core to social change. The book also delves into five leadership values essential today: recognizing and mobilizing assets, diversity and inclusion, teamwork and collaboration, continuous learning, and integrity. Everyone Leads offers a hopeful path for citizens, policymakers, and nonprofit organizations wanting to build and engage the diverse leadership our communities and our democracy badly need.

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Trend of the Week – Nonprofit Employers Don’t Meet Workers’ Needs for Job Satisfaction

As reported by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, two recent reports show a disconnect between what nonprofits provide to their workers and what employees say is essential to their job satisfaction. The survey reports gathered data from about 3,500 nonprofit workers in the New York and Washington metropolitan areas and were conducted by the staffing firm Professionals for NonProfits. Key findings include:

• Seventy percent of workers in two surveys said their jobs were either disappointing or only somewhat fulfilling. That might be a reason 25 percent of workers said they were considering looking for a job outside the nonprofit world.
• Four out of 10 workers in both cities said that the factors they ranked as most essential are not on display at their nonprofits:—“respect, trust, and support by management” as well as a sense that their organization has “a compelling mission.”
• About half of all workers said they felt recognition and reward for their hard work and outstanding performance were essential. And yet 60 percent of workers in Washington and 65 percent in New York said hard work was not valued at their organization.
• The pay cuts that many nonprofit workers have taken during the economic downturn may be exacting a cost in employee satisfaction: About half of workers in both surveys said a salary reduction would be a reason to leave and a more important motivation for departure than a change in work expectations or job description. For more information about the reports, go to:

Resource of the Week – Accounting Procedures Manual Template

Blue Avocado Magazine has provided a template for developing an accounting procedures manual for your nonprofit. It was developed by Deborah Cooper of the California Association of Nonprofits (CAN), along with Meredeth Clark (also from CAN) and Steve Zimmerman, C.P.A., of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. Go to:

Tech Tip of the Week -- Broadcasting PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

An amazing new feature in PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to Broadcast your slideshows to anyone, anywhere. Here's how:

• Make sure you have signed up for a Windows Live ID
• Open your slide show
• Click the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon
• Click the Broadcast Slide Show button in the Start Slide Show group
• PowerPoint prepares your slide show
• The Broadcast Slide Show screen is displayed with a link to your presentation
• Email the link to anyone you want to attend your presentation
• Now click the Start Slide Show button and remote viewers can view your presentation

The following articles can help you learn this powerful new tool:

PowerPoint Blog: Introducing Broadcast Slide Show

PowerPoint Blog: Broadcast your Presentation with PowerPoint 2010

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