Monday, June 18, 2012

Picks of the Week: June 17 - 23, 2012

Website of the Week -- The Center for Collaborative Planning
The Center for Collaborative Planning (CCP) promotes health and social justice by providing training and technical assistance and by connecting people and resources. CCP supports diverse communities by providing extensive resource collections in key areas, such as: Asset-based Community Development (ABCD), Leadership Development, Working Collaboratively Community Assessment, and Strategic Planning. Go to:

Publication of the Week --  How to Say It: Grantwriting: Write Proposals That Grantmakers Want to Fund by Deborah S. Koch
From the publisher:  In grant- seeking, words can go where the applicant can't-the foundation boardroom, the corporation's headquarters-so it's important to use them as the strategic, powerful tools that they are. This book shows readers how to find, frame, and use words effectively to make the case for any organization and its projects. Readers are provided the tools for crafting a grant proposal that speaks directly to the funder's interests. Packed with examples of winning proposals, and strategies for using words to inspire and convince, this is the must-have resource for any grant-seeker hoping to stand apart from the crowd. Grant-seekers will learn:
·      How to find out which funders fit their project exactly
·      Strategies for figuring out what each grant-maker is looking for
·      Critical tips for crafting attention-grabbing proposals

Trend of the Week – Trends in American Families

The American Family Assets Study released by The Search Institute presents a compelling national portrait of families. It introduces a new framework of Family Assets—relationships, interactions, opportunities, and values that help families thrive. These assets are associated with positive outcomes for young teens and their parenting adults, explaining more of the differences in outcomes than many demographics and other individual and family characteristics explain. The study blends the perspectives of both teens and their parenting adults to show how a wide range of diverse families experience both strengths and gaps in Family Assets. The framework proposes an ideal—something families might aspire to as a vision for how they live their lives together. In this national study, American families scored an average of 47 out of 100 in the Family Assets Index, suggesting that the vast majority of families have both strengths to celebrate and opportunities to grow stronger together. For more information and to download a copy of the study, go to:

Resource of the Week – Retaining and Developing High Potential Talent: A Toolkit
Among the best strategies for developing diversity in human services is to retain and develop talent within your organization. The National Human Services Assembly's toolkit, Retaining and Developing High Potential Talent, focuses on onboarding, employee mentoring and succession planning as key levers for advancing diversity and inclusion through talent management. The guide offers a quick and accessible overview of key elements for building a successful Diversity & Inclusion approach to  your organization’s talent management, followed by a closer look at how to build effective onboarding, mentoring and succession planning programs. To download the guide, go to:

Tech Tip of the Week -- Turning Photos into PowerPoint 2010 Slide Shows
To turn your digital pictures into PowerPoint 2010 slide shows:

  • Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  • In the Illustrations group, click Photo Album
  • On the Photo Album dialog box, click the File/Disk button to Insert pictures
  • Click the Create button
The steps are the same for PowerPoint 2007.  Click here if you're using an earlier versionof PowerPoint. 

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