Monday, September 24, 2012

Picks of the Week: September 23 - 29, 2012

Website of the Week -- Millennial Impact Project
The Millennial Impact Project is the starting point for organizations to learn how to best engage the millennial generation to volunteer, donate and get involved in leadership. You will get the latest research and hear from the top leaders, inspiring you to build strong Millennial connections within your organization. For more information, go to:

Publication of the Week --  Powered by Pro Bono: The Nonprofits Step-by-Step Guide to Scoping, Securing, Managing, and Scaling Pro Bono Resources by the Taproot Foundation
From the publisher:  Savvy nonprofits use strategic management, marketing, technology, leadership to be competitive. With strapped budgets, many nonprofits cannot afford to pay for these resources. However, businesses are an often overlooked as an effective source of skilled professionals who can supply the needed skills. This book shares the acclaimed Taproot Foundation's pro bono best practices and shows nonprofit managers to apply them to their own unique challenges in a low-to-no-cost way. The author, Taproot's Aaron Hurst, offers keys to identifying opportunities for using pro bono sources, recruiting pro bono resources, and managing pro bono projects effectively.
  • Reveals how a nonprofit can partner with a global corporations to further their mission in an effective and low-cost manner
  • Aaron Hurst is the president and founder of the Taproot Foundation who pioneered a new field in community investment and continually breaks new ground through its signature, catalytic programs designed for the emerging global pro bono marketplace
  • Gives nonprofit managers and staff the keys to identifying opportunities for using pro bono resources
Click to preview this book
Trend of the Week – Nonprofits Need a Strong, Unified Voice to Lobby Government
Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Successful Advocacy is a comprehensive study that identifies five essential approaches to successful advocacy and analyzes the effectiveness of advocacy on issues facing the entire nonprofit and philanthropic sector. This study is based on more than 100 interviews, three surveys, three case studies, four coalition profiles, and a detailed examination of the sector’s track record and approach to public policy advocacy on sector-wide issues. The five strategic approaches that emerged as the common ingredients in successful advocacy both for the corporate and nonprofit lobbying groups include: 

·         Sustain a laserlike focus on long-term goals.
·         Prioritize building the elements for successful campaigns.
·         Consider the motivations of public officials.
·         Galvanize coalitions to achieve short-term goals.
·         Ensure strong, high-integrity leadership.

To download the full report and an executive summary, go to:

Resource of the Week – The Nonprofit Website Project Handbook
An organization’s website should highlight its mission and inspire supporters to take action. But where does one begin in building a website? Is your organization ready for a new website project? Who will work on this team, and what is the time and effort required to build a quality website? Does a website fit into this year’s budget? The Handbook offers an overview of the website design and development process and information helpful to nonprofit staff during a website project. From the organization’s capabilities to design and from launch to post-launch training, this handbook provides essential steps and real-life examples to guide you in what can sometimes be a confusing process. Go to:

Tech Tip of the Week -- Using the Clipboard Pane in Office 2007/2010
Although this feature has been around for many years, most people still copy/paste one item at a time. Using the Clipboard pane you can copy multiple items and paste the one you need. Or even paste them all. Here’s how:

·         Click the Home tab of the Ribbon
·         In the Clipboard group, click the arrow button on the bottom right to open the Clipboard pane
·         Select where you want to paste an item and click it in the Clipboard pane

This tip works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can paste items between worksheets, workbooks, pages, documents, slides, or even between different programs. (To view the Clipboard pane in earlier versions, click the Edit pull-down menu and select Office Clipboard.)

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