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Picks of the Week: March 17 - 23, 2013

Website of the Week --  Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation was established in the mid-1960s by the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kauffman Foundation is among the largest foundations in the United States with an asset base of approximately $2 billion. The Foundation's vision is to foster "a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities." In service of this vision, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation focuses grant making and operations on two areas—education and entrepreneurship—which Ewing Kauffman, saw as two ends of a continuum. A quality education is the foundation for self-sufficiency, preparing young people for success in college and in life. Many young adults will work in businesses started by entrepreneurs. Some will become entrepreneurs themselves, providing jobs and wealth for society. Go to:

Publication of the Week -- Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy
From the publisher:  A practical guide to the challenges and successes of global fundraising, written by an international team of highly respected philanthropy professionals and edited by two of the leading nonprofit thinkers, Global Fundraising is the first book to genuinely offer a global overview of philanthropy with an internationalist perspective. As the world becomes more interdependent, and economies struggle, global philanthropy continues to increase. More than that, nonprofits are taking up roles that have traditionally been filled by the government—including social welfare, healthcare, and human rights. Global Fundraising provides complete coverage of the implications of this growth for nonprofit culture and how it drives changes in fundraising practices. Organized into thematic chapters—a mixture of geographic and topical issues—it places North American philanthropy in a wider context. It features a companion website with a variety of online tools and materials. The book includes contributions by international leading experts and skillfully tracks how the world of fundraising is changing rapidly due to a number of factors including: continuing growth of great wealth; non-profit innovation emerging everywhere; growth of indigenous NGOs; increased professionalism in fundraising; and the value and role of new and social technologies. Written by a team of philanthropy leaders, Global Fundraising offers timely coverage of fundraising around the world. A must-have for INGO leaders and anyone, anywhere, interested in the future of philanthropy and effective fundraising practices.

Click to preview this book on

Trend of the Week -- Nonprofits A Major Source Of Employment Growth Globally
A new report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies reveals that nonprofit organizations are major employers and major sources of employment growth in countries throughout the world. The report draws on new data generated by statistical offices in sixteen countries that have implemented a new United Nations Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions. Key findings to date as summarized in this report include:
·         In 6 of the 16 countries for which data are available, nonprofits employ 10 percent or more of the total workforce, making them one of the largest employers of any industry in these countries.
·         On average in these sixteen countries’ nonprofits employ more workers than either the transportation or construction industry.
·         The nonprofit sector accounts for an average of 4.5 percent of the GDP in the covered countries, roughly equivalent to GDP contribution of the construction industry in these countries.
·         Nonprofits, on average, receive far less of their revenue from philanthropy than is commonly thought. Rather, 43 percent of the revenue comes from fees for their services, 32 percent from government sources, and only 23 percent from philanthropic giving, and even this is likely an over-estimate given limitations of the data sources.
·         In the eight countries on which historical data are available, the growth rate of the nonprofit sector contribution to GDP exceeded the growth rate of GDP.

To download the report, go to:

Resource of the Week –  Executive Transition Monographs
The Annie E. Casey Foundation has published a series of seven on all aspects of executive transitions and executive transition management in nonprofits. Go to:

Tech Tip of the Week -- Change Slide Background in PowerPoint 2007/2010
Regardless of which design theme you have chosen, you can also change the background to a variety of options which work with your design. To  change the background:
·         Click the Design tab on the Ribbon
·         In the Background group, click the arrow next to Background Styles
·         Select a new background style 

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